Building Extensions in hitchin & hertfordshire

Here at DMH Builders, we specialize in building different extensions across Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Before you start your construction project, it makes sense to think about what types of extensions would fit in your space and your living needs. Whether you have a budget in mind already or are looking for a general idea on costs book a free, no-obligation site visit by calling us on 07841 913489 or filling out our online inquiry form.  Our surveyors are trained to speak to you about your property for available options, to enable you to know the suitable extensions in the market.

We have prepared a selection of extensions you could choose from, including a side return extension, a wrap-around extension, a back and side extension, a kitchen extension, among others.

What is a side return extension?

A side return extension spans the alley on the side of your house and is very typical of Victorian or other types of historic buildings. A side return extension is often a small addition, but it can have a significant effect on the look of your home. Customers sometimes combine a side return extension with a back extension to provide a so-called “wrap-around extension.” A side return extension is superb for accommodating a spacious kitchen and a larger dining area. Check out the ideas for a side return upgrade.

How much does a side return extension cost?

A side return extension may cost around £35,000 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. However, depending on the size of the side return extension, it could cost more. Get A Free Quote Now.

Cost effective as well as impactful, a side return extension can be a great way to add some living space to your home if you don’t have a big garden or if a rear extension is not possible. The side alley on most houses is typically dead space that is little used. This type of extension can be utilised on any property that has a side alley, including ground floor flats as well as new builds and investment properties.

Over the years, we have used some innovative techniques to create some amazing spaces such as utilising skylights, lightwells and floor to ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to bring natural light into a room. We have also created a secret courtyard for one client, which is accessed through the side return extension.

How long does it take to build a side return extension?

It could take around three to four months to build a side extension, but we often complete it faster. With large extensions for the side return, the construction time can be more than six months.

Side return extensions/side extensions are becoming increasingly popular with families in Hitchin and Hertfordshire due to their cost efficiency and the smaller scope of their job. They enable people to maximize the space and value of their home by only using the space in the alley area on the side of their property.

Grow your house, keep your garden

Many families planning to expand their Hitchin, Hertfordshire houses are frequently faced with a tight garden space, and they don’t like the idea of reducing it. A side extension building usually uses dead space on the side of a property and opens up corridors, basements, or other so-called “dead” areas of the house to create a single open space. Even if your home’s side street may seem small, it can make a big difference in your interior dimensions.

Get the kitchen of your dreams

This makes the side return extensions brilliant for creating contemporary open-plan kitchens, perfect for maintaining and designing an entertaining living space for a growing family – much cheaper than changing apartments in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. It also offers the opportunity to extend and redesign your kitchen (something that your partner can help with). You could go for a luxury kitchen with a living space and a dining area that’s perfect for cooking while the kids are playing – and it will also enhance the value of your home.

Side extensions run the length of the existing room, which means that you can flood the room with skylights from above with light. This means that the room is filled with natural sunlight, which makes it light and airy, especially when you combine it with double folding or sliding doors that look out onto your garden or patio.

Save time and money - Side Return Extension Costs

Since side return extension is smaller than other types of home extension, this means that it is also a much smaller job, which means lower costs for a side return extension – with some variations, of course, for individual Projects are possible. A side return extension is an excellent option for families in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, who are in a hurry and do not want construction to continue for a long time.

This smaller size also means that a side return extension is cheaper than other forms of housing extension, so it is far preferable to a moving house in terms of the cost of a side return extension.

DMH Builders are experts on side extensions building in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, so contact us for a free site survey and discuss your project.

Ideas for side return extension

See below for a small handful of ideas on how to extend side return. These are ideas for extending the side return that came from our case studies of previous work.

Wrap around extension

Wrap around extension is a side and a rear extension combined. The wrap-around extension can offer enough space and change the shape and look of your house dramatically. If you plan to set up an open dining area, kitchen, or a family room in your home, then the great option is a wrap-around extension. The open living concept launched by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. The Wraparound extension works well for growing families with little kids around.

One of the advantages of the all-around extension is establishing a more reliable connection to the rear garden. Indoor-outdoor spaces design is most choosing by our clients to bring in the exterior. This is possible with the use of a double folding door from floor to ceiling and skylights and light wells that let in more natural light. A terrace or patio is built on the same level as your house to create a flow between the home and the garden.

Cost of building a Wrap Around Extension?

Depending on the size of the side return, a wrap-around extension can cost around £55,000 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, or more. You can contact us for a quote now at no cost.

If you want to maximize the available space in your Hitchin, Hertfordshire house, wrap-around extensions are great ideal; if you need more space, this is perfect to avoid the stress or cost of moving to another apartment. This new addition will create an addition of two sides, i.e., L-shape space with a back and a side return attachment that surrounds your home.

Suit a large family

Got a growing family and you need more living space? Wrap-around extensions can make this possible by taking some space out of your garden and using the dead space in the side alley of your property. This helps to create new space and, at the same time, to use otherwise “wasted” areas such as corridors or under stairs. This can make a massive difference for your home and give you room for expanding family to entertain and socialize.

Open wrap around kitchen extension

This extension is excellent for your dreamed sizeable open kitchen with living and dining areas where your kids can do their homework or play while you are cooking. A kitchen extension could provide high-quality kitchen space with a breakfast bar or an island or built-in appliances that open to a dining area leading to a sitting area where the garden can be feasible with the help of double-leaf doors.

Since a wrap-around kitchen extension creates a lot of new paces, you could create more rooms in your kitchen areas, such as a utility room, a toilet on the ground floor, or a walk-in storage room so that you can make the most of the space in your house.

Friendly and Bright

A variety of glazing options is available to create light in your crop. There are many ways to flood your Hitchin, Hertfordshire extension with natural light from large double folding doors to skylights and sun tunnels. You can also customize the lighting of your extension with a selection of contemporary and traditional lighting styles, including stylish spotlights and decorative lighting fixtures.


Back extensions

Back extensions come from the rear of your home and are common on home with no side return option, and free-standing house. It spread over the size of your home and typically includes a living and dining room.

If you want to create a dream kitchen with an island, and at the same time, create an open living space, a rear extension is a perfect option. Open spaces are not only ideal for families, but are also suitable for those who like to receive guests. Typically, open living spaces are divided into three areas – a kitchen, a dining area, and a seating area. When you receive guests, your friends and relatives can mingle with the people in any room of their choice.

How much does a rear extension cost?

A rear extension in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, can cost around £40,000. Some rear extension kitchen costs more; however, it depends on the size. Request a free quote now.

Open kitchens have a specific “wow factor,” With a rear extension, you can impress your friends and relatives even more by using eye-catching design features such as skillful use of light from skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows that frame your garden, and use an outer panel.

Two-story extensions

Double story or two-story house extensions in Hitchin, Hertfordshire cost more than other options since the construction work would be built on two levels, and twice as much space is available. On the advantage side, however, there is a considerable amount of space available, which means that you could add more living space and a bedroom as an extension.

Not only can you set up a fabulous eat-in kitchen, but you can also set up a separate bedroom for the kids, a luxurious family bathroom for the family, and an independent studio or home office. Irrespective of your choice, a two-story extension will add value to your property and your home and family life.

Flat roof extensions

Flat roof extensions are an inexpensive addition to your living space. Please visit the flat roof expansion page for more information and ideas for flat roof expansion.

Kitchen extension

This can be built with any of the above types of extensions, such as a side return extension and a wrap-around extension. Kitchen extensions are the most common features an extension is built for, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a home extension for other reasons. You can build a game room, living room, man cave, and more.